Sir Charles "COW" Williams

Wednesday, 20th June 2012

With arguably the most famous initials in Barbados history it is doubtful if anyone on the island has not heard of C. O. Williams. It wouldn't take Einstein to work out where his nickname came from, and whether it is COW or Sir Charles, nothing changes in his dynamic and effervescent personality.

Not only has Sir Charles built up a huge business dynasty, but at the same time he has carved a unique place in Barbados business and sport.

Sir Charles Williams is the driving force behind C. O. Williams, a major Caribbean Construction Company with interests throughout the region. He is also involved in a wide range of other businesses and has never been short in publicly backing his vision and enterprise in such exciting joint developments like Port St. Charles and Apes Hill Club, two landmark projects that have given Barbados international recognition and status. But perhaps his greatest asset has been his vivacious and vibrant personality and an energy that would leave men half his age in his wake. This amazing man may be closing in on eighty years old, but he's lost none of his appetite for business and sport. He plays competitive polo regularly, loves his horse racing and Deep Sea Fishing, and remains the pivotal driving force behind the C. O. Williams dynasty. He's also a very proud self-made man and has been a kind benefactor and employer to a plethora of good causes and individuals. His vision for Apes Hill Club with its magnificent golf and equestrian facilities is a shining example of a successful Barbadian looking outside the box and determined to give the island a global awareness with world class facilities and amenities.  He can be engaging, charming, charismatic and benevolent, but equally argumentive, combative, abrasive and stubborn, but there's no doubting his passion, acumen and panache in every aspect of his life.

He's a remarkable person and remains a wonderful asset to Barbados-an inspiration to aspiring business and sports people.

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