Segway is a modern version of horse polo but played on Segways, which are like upright scooters.  Police officers, mall cops or fun lovers use Segways, as it is a simple mode of transport that gets you around without too much hassle or parking-space!

Perhaps it was inevitable that Segway would become a sport and polo seemed a perfect fit.  The concept was created by Apple Computer icon Steve Wozmick seven years ago in California and his trophy, the Woz Cup is recognized at the World Cup of Segway Polo.

Barbados made its entry into the Woz Cup in 2009 in Cologne Germany when our team called the Flying Fish won the trophy at the first attempt!  This gave the sport a major boost back here in Barbados, and led to the local Segway enthusiasts hosting the 2010 Woz Cup at Lion Castle in Barbados.  Six international teams participated, but they were unable to beat Barbados, and for the second year in succession, our local team won the Woz Cup.

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