On Saturday July 10, 2022, Rugby Barbados will start the Get Into Rugby programme for children who are under the age of 11 years. This Tag Rugby session will run from 10am to 11am every Saturday at the Historic Garrison Savannah. This is an internationally recognized and certified programme aimed at introducing children to rugby, using a safe non-contact version that encourages healthy physical activity while teaching ball handling skills and the basics of rugby. The name comes from the tags attached by Velcro to belts worn by players. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, the opposing player must get close enough to pull off one of his or her tags. Speed, agility, and the ability to literally think on one’s feet (often while running!) are some of the skills being taught, in a safe, friendly and fun activity.
As a member of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, Rugby Barbados encourages physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, helping to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity plaguing the youth of Barbados. As many one in three of our children is obese or overweight, and therefore likely to develop NCDs such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.
Rugby Barbados welcomes the return of the GIR Programme and looks forward to seeing lots of kids enjoying themselves on Saturday morning!
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