Road Tennis

Road Tennis

Road Tennis is a sport that Barbados will always claim to be indigenous.  Some people dubbed it the ‘poor man’s tennis’ because the equipment required was very basic, and the pitch was usually marked out by chalk on the local road.  Hence stories of buses and general traffic being held up in country areas when a big road tennis match was being played, and hundreds of local spectators lined the roadside and hedges to watch!

The game has a lot of similarities to table tennis.  The ‘table’ is marked out in chalk on the road, and the net is usually a plank of wood.  The bats are old table-tennis bats (hand-made in the old days), and the ball is an old tennis ball.  And that’s all that is required for a road tennis match!

Many road tennis courts are still marked out on quiet roads throughout the island, but they can also be found in car parks, leisure areas, school playgrounds and hotels.  There is even a court in Dodds Prison!

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