Horseracing has been a beloved sport for over 100 years, capturing the hearts of equine enthusiasts in Barbados. 
Horseracing at the Garrison Savannah, one of the most iconic racetracks , is steeped in history and offers a unique experience. Filled with lots of excitement, and a dash of modern advancements the captivating horseracing events showcase the sheer elegance and altheticism of these remarkable equines. 
The Garrison Savannah has stood as a symbol of horseracing excellence since its inception, providing a historic backdrop for this thrilling sport. 
With a legacy rooted in tradition, this racecourse has witnessed countless remarkable feats via horses, jockeys and trainers and has become a venue showcasing the finest racing talent. 
Modern technologies such as mobile applications now provide convenient and user-friendly platforms for the non-attendance of the spectator to still place their bets and cutting-edge drone devices have allowed the viewers a view from a different perspective. Our biggest and most important race days now have live music performances and a myriad of new attractions such as pavilion- type all-inclusive settings transforming the event into a memorable extravaganza. 
The Sandy Lane Gold Cup is the most prestigious horse race event in Barbados, attracting race enthusiasts and international visitors from all over the world. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the event returned in 2023 with excitement and anticipation
in the hearts of fans and participants alike. 
The Sandy Lane Gold Cup has a rich history that dates back to its inception in 1982. The race is held on the first Saturday in March and over the years has been the most sought-after horserace to win and watch. The absence of the Gold Cup had left a void in the hearts of horse racing enthusiasts. Therefore, the announcement of the events return brought joy and relief to both fans and the racing industry. The extended hiatus had built up anticipation, resulting in increased interest and expectations surrounding the race. 
The race day itself was filled with excitement and some very close finishes. the atmosphere was electric, with the stands packed full of enthusiastic spectators cheering on their favourite horses. The energy and passion in the air were palpable, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. 
The race featured an impressive lineup of horses. Renaisance Frolic, Tallahatchie Bridge, American Diamond, Mo Hawk and It’s A Gamble all shipped in from the USA and lined up against So Suave, a recent Canadian import who had won the Grade 1 Coolmore Stakes in his first run at the Garrison. As the horses thundered past the finish line, It’s A Gamble and jockey Jalon Samuel were victorious providing the owner/ trainer combination of Mark Goodridge and Remell Lovell with their first cup win. 
The Derby is the oldest classic at the Garrison dating back to 1940 and is the principal race for Caribbean-bred 3-year-olds. Social Media’s victory in the Visit Barbados Derby serves as a powerful reminder that horseracing provides a platform for dreams to come true. The sport has created countless fairy tales where an underdog horse defies the odds and captures the hearts of thousands. Stories like these ignite hope and inspire individuals to chase their dreams, reminding them that anything is possible with hard work and determination. 
His triumph resonates deeply with those who have been underestimated or overlooked. Social Media’s stunning  upset in the Derby has left an indelible mark on racing at the Garrison. This underdog victory will be etched in history, serving as a reminder to never underestimate the potential for greatness, even in the darkest of horses. 
Horseracing holds considerable importance in the economy. It provides employment opportunities for countless individuals, including trainers, jockeys, breeders and stable staff, thus contributing to the economic growth of the racing industry. Horseracing’s longevity as the sport of choice can be attributed to its rich history and the special bond between horse and jockey, its adrenaline-inducing excitement, and the social atmosphere it provides. As enthusiasts continue to appreciate the tradition and thrill of this sport, horseracing will undeniably remain a popular choice for years to come. 
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