Alan Burke is a veteran International champion surfer from Barbados. His world rated sons Josh & Jacob are travelling the  world competing and representing Barbados at the highest level, he is the Chief Surf Instructor of  his family run surf school. He lives and breathes the  sport. We asked him a few questions about the sport  on Barbados.
Why come to Barbados to surf?  
Due to the geographical location of the island we are exposed to basically any ocean energy coming from a weather system , either be a cold front or Low pressure coming from up North during winter months Oct - May or a tropical disturbance from June to Nov, and high pressures in-between generating wind swells, the island is guaranteed to provide at the very least a Ridedable wave everyday, all year. However for the advance to expert level the prime time is Sept to April. 
Where are the best surf spots?
Barbados has approx 80miles of coast line, depending on what’s pushing the swell and from which direction determines what surf -breaks begin to work, there are  numerous world class breaks around the island , the well known ones are the obvious Soup Bowl, Duppies, Maycocks, Brandends ( Aka Drill Hall beach), Freights bay and South Point. The adventurous will find amazing waves with empty riders. 
Can people learn to surf here?
The southern tip of Barbados is the best area in the world to learn to surf. On any given day there are a number of surf-breaks ideal for learning, all within a couple minutes drive apart. There are a number of Surf Schools on the island to choose from including Surfboard rental  one to mention is Burkie Surf School operated by the Multiple Surf champion Burke family of Josh , Jacob and Barbados Sporting Great Alan Burke,  that has won countless awards for offering quality surf lessons for all levels. 
Is surfing a big sport in Barbados? 
Surfing is the fastest growing sport in Barbados and globally all walks of life are learning to surf. Included in the Olympics for the first time in 2020 Japan and the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics which will take place on the French Polynesia island of Tahiti , Barbados has a few Olympic hopefuls with world ranked  25 yr old Josh Burke and 27 yr old Chelsea Tuach leading the charge.  
Are there any competitions visiting surfers can take part in in 2023?
There will be two World Surf League sanctioned Qualifying Series Mens & Womens events in 2023 , The Barbados Surf Pro 3000 in March and The Thomo QS 1000 in memory of Bill Thomson in November both slated to be held at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba.