From the greens of the golf course to the rush of the racetrack, Diamonds International has been an unwavering supporter of sports, leaving an enduring mark on Barbados’ sporting scene. 
It all started in 1997, with the inception of the Diamonds International Substance Abuse Foundation Golf Tournament, a groundbreaking event aimed at raising awareness about substance abuse and raising funds to support the cause. 
Our involvement in golf and charitable initiatives continued to expand, with co-hosting the Diamonds International Rotary Club West Charity Golf Tournament for over 18 consecutive years. These tournaments have enabled
us to make a tangible impact, from fortifying medical facilities to providing educational scholarships for students facing financial constraints. 
As the years progressed, our presence in the world of sports grew, particularly in the realm of polo – a legacy introduced by the late Mr. Kent Cole and Monique Archer. Our role extended beyond sponsorship; we took pride in co-creating new and exhilarating annual polo tournaments that continue to captivate enthusiasts. Polo teams from around the globe converge for a month-long series of events, including the renowned ‘Battle of the Sexes’. 
Polo attracts a diverse audience, with a significant number of tourists joining the local crowd. Matchups such as USA versus Canada draw visitors from Canada, the United States and the UK, all coming together to relish the matches alongside our local fans. This dynamic brings a wide spectrum of individuals to the polo field, fervently cheering for their favoured teams. 
Equestrian enthusiasts solidified a kindred spirit in us through the Diamonds International Boxing Day At the Races event for countless years, a beloved and festive tradition in Barbados. In fact, Boxing Day at the Races is considered to be the second most popular horse racing event on the island, following the Sandy Lane Gold Cup. The event has become a staple, not only for racehorse fans but also as a social gathering, drawing a diverse crowd of both tourists and locals to witness the thrilling action at the Garrison Savannah. 
Cricket, a cherished cornerstone of Caribbean culture, seamlessly integrated into our sports portfolio in recent years. A standout moment was hosting the team, formerly known as the Barbados Tridents, subsequently retitled as the Barbados Royals, at an exclusive welcome cocktail held at our LimeGrove store location to launch the Barbados leg of the CPL tournament in 2019. 
In a bid to heighten the excitement, we introduced a daily contest during the matches at Kensington Oval. This contest celebrated the best-dressed attendees, with Bulova watches as prizes for the winners. It was our way of acknowledging and appreciating the enthusiastic cricket community. 
Furthermore, we proudly presented an exquisite Hublot timepiece to one of the Royal’s players, Hayden Walsh Jr.,
the leading wicket-taker for CPL 2019. His remarkable performance significantly contributed to the Royals clinching the championship. This was a resounding endorsement of the winning team and the top wicket-taker. This gesture symbolises our steadfast support for both the team and the sport at large. These instances stand as affirmations of our deep-seated connection with cricket and its vibrant community.
Surfing, synonymous with thrill and adventure, beckoned us thanks to the introduction by our dear friends, Lisa & Louis Venezia for the WSL 2022 Barbados Surf Pro & Live Like Zander Junior Pro competition. Embracing the challenge, we entered the exhilarating world of surfing competitions, broadening our sporting horizons. The Surfing competition has become a prominent event, attracting a multitude of visitors to the renowned Soup Bowl. Notably, the competition now holds world qualifier status in the world surf pro circuit. 
Our foray into sports isn’t just about competition; it’s about community, camaraderie, and a shared passion for excellence. Through our sporting endeavours, we’ve forged connections, celebrated achievements, and stood as pillars of support for various causes. Diamonds International isn’t just a brand; we’re partners in celebration, champions of sportsmanship, and advocates for the power of sports in uniting communities. With every event, we reaffirm our commitment to being more than jewellers – we’re advocates for the transformative potential of athletic pursuits.. as with diamonds, we understand what it takes to perform under pressure.