I.S.K.F. Barbados held it’s National Karate Tournament on the 5th November, this Tournament was sponsored by PowerAid and attracted one hundred and four karatekas from five local clubs namely Avalon Karate club Masujaha Karate Club, Queen’s College Karate Club,  Barbados Shotokan Karate Club and UCKC Martial Arts.

The Tournament  was well attended by the juniors 17 yrs and younger and competition was very keen.

In the 5-7 boys kata & kumite Wht-Orange Damon Piggott took gold.

Girls 5-7 Kata & Kumite Wht-Orange  Hailee Wood Gold.

Male/Female Kata & Kumite Wht-Green Andy Deodat Gold.

Boys 6-8 Kata & Kumite Green-Purple Mikkel Boxill Gold.

Girls  6-10 Kata & Kumite Green-Purple Shanice Forde Gold.

Girls 11-16 Kata & Kumite Green-Purple Dakoda Walkes Gold.

Adult Male Kata & Kumite Green-purple Michael Roberts Gold.

Boys 10-11 Kata & Kumite Brown Nicholas Sobers Gold.

Girls 12-15 Kata & Kumite Brown Maresha Thorpe Gold.

Boys 11-14 Kata & Kumite Black Terron Greenidge Gold.

Girls 10-12 Kata & Kumite Black Angaly Deodat Gold.

Adult Male Kata& Kumite Dabian Cumberbatch Gold.

The overall standard was high and as Chief Instructor I indicated that with further concentration on stance, technique, speed and power, these young karatekas will have no problem making the Country proud at International Competition.

Contact Person

Peter Warren

Chief Instructor.

I.S.K.F. Barbados.