Someone in high places made a terrible blunder when the Kensington Oval was reduced to a lifeless pitch, similar to Antigua. The Oval used to feature a fiery exchange between batsmen and bowlers, but not on this occasion. The only threat of a winner was in the final two sessions of the 5th day, and the only likely winner was England, as Joe Root set an impossible target for both batsmen and bowlers.
The WICB also blundered when the locals were priced out with high charges online. Barbados has suffered terribly during two years of Covid, and deserved some ease on this match. The West Indies team were also deprived of local support. 
Thank goodness the Barmy Army rescued the match. They came in thousands and spent handsomely at hotels, restaurants, shops, stalls, pubs, taxis and amenities. They dwarfed the local support, up to 90% at most games. However, they produced fun and excitement with their colourful attires, flags and hats, much akin to a Premier English League match. And, the songs added much to the game during the lull periods, and there were plenty of them.
Yes, the Barmy Army loved Barbados, and in return, Barbados loved them too! 
The battle of attrition on a lifeless Oval pitch was in contrast to the buzz and excitement in the grandstands.