DOMINIC HOWARD of Team Stoli sped to the commanding victory in the ‘Road to Sky’ road race on Sunday in St Philip.

Howard put three and a half minutes between himself and second place Ron Greaves of Sentry/ Glassesco in the 50-kilometre race put on by Sonics 246 Cycling Club that started and finished at Automotive Art in Six Roads, St. Philip. The experienced Russell Elcock of Team Sonics 246 placed third.

“Going into the race I was confident because I knew there were lots of hills and I was the best climber in the group. Once I got away from the group, I knew I would be good from there. It was still very challenging because Russell and Ron were very good on the flat,” Howard noted in an interview with MIDWEEK SPORT.

“I launched three attacks, the first was by Bushy Park, then, at the top by the Prison [Dodds] and the third was by the right turn to go up Cox Hill. My average speed was maintained at 36-km. After the hills were passed, I was holding around 45-50-km and powered home from there.” added the Category one rider as he explained his strategy.

The true calibre of the category one riders was evident as they began the race 15 minutes after the other categories and were still able to put significant distance on them.

There were four men’s categories and three women’s categories along with veterans and the Tinymite males and females.

In Category Two, Alan Cadogan of Team Sonics 246 took the gold medal. Miguel Skinner of Plus Warriors was second and John Turton, who rode independently was third.

Renaldo Greaves of Sonics 246 placed first in Category Three and he was followed home by Matthew DaCosta-Hinds of Plus Warriors, whose clubmate Daniel Lashley finished third.

In Category Four, David Cossey and Atticus Narine, who both raced independently placed first and second respectively with Kuasie Gooding on Sonics 246 placing third.

The winner of the Women’s Category One race was independent rider Marissa Bradshaw. Carol Kelly won the Category Three race, riding for Sentry/Glassesco.

The winner of Category Four was Arielle Greaves also of Sentry/Glassesco. The Veteran category was won by Anthony Phoenix of Fugen from David Williams of Sentry/Glassesco and Linsday Bovell of Sonics 246.

In the Tinymite male category, Najari Chase of Bike Caribbean was the winner with Laila McIntyre of Sonics 246 topping the Tinymite Female category.



Credit: Nation News