The Barbados Game Fishing Association will be hosting the 2024 Republic Bank International Fishing Tournament between 9th - 13th April. You don’t need to fish all of the 3-day event.
Flyers have been distributed among The Barbados Yacht Club boaters, advising that new fishing Prizes of Bds$26,000 will be added to this year’s event. This means that when combined with all previous prize categories, there will be Bds$127,000 worth in Prizes available for the winning this year.
BYC boaters have been encouraged to join as the odds for winning will come from an expected 38-40 boats in the event and you can now win big for near-shore catches.
The flyer attached urges BYC boaters to PRE-REGISTER EARLY if you are keen to fish, so that The Barbados Game Fishing Association can get a better feel for the volume of catering and preparation needed to accommodate your boat(s) at the Port St. Charles outer docks during the event.
Your early registration just helps us to plan better as we have found in the past, that 90% of fishermen, advise us of their intent to fish on the day of registration, which causes big delays in accommodating everyone.
PRE-REGISTRATION is not a commitment to pay or fish, but it gives the organizers a good understanding of the volume of boats involved and your intent. You only become fully Registered on 9th April when you Register-and-pay your fee for the event, but please pre-register now. To PRE-REGISTER visit the red button “ONLINE TEAM REGISTER” and follow the prompts. You can even register using your phone.

The attached Flyer is intended to inform you of this spectacular event with lots of entertainment during the Tournament.

Take a look at the flyer GAME FISHING 2024.pdf