Island fans have much to look forward to on Saturday, August 27, when the Barbados Rally Club’s (BRC) Summer Nights Rally will run from early afternoon into the night. With 12 special stages at three venues offering just over 52 kilometres of against-the-clock action, competitors and spectators alike will have much to discuss when they gather for the post-event Prizegiving in the pits at the Vaucluse Raceway in St Thomas.
  With only two more rounds of the BRC Driver’s and Class Championships to run after this event, round six could prove crucial to competitors’ title chances, not least because of the ‘bonus’ points structure which prevails, so a healthy entry is anticipated. The top three finishers in class and overall (for the 2wd and 4wd championships) earn 25, 22 and 20 points respectively, compared with the regular 20, 17 and 15, with all points-scorers benefitting, right down to 10th place (10 points, compared with eight).
  The Service Park will be at Hopewell Plantation, St Thomas, where Scrutineering will take place from noon and the Dinner Halt Regroup at around 5.00pm; competitors will also return between the two loops in the afternoon and evening for a service halt.
  From the 2.00pm start, there will be three runs each through the four-kilometre Spring Vale to Dark Hole stage, alternating with Lion Castle to Hangmans Hill – this 4.10km stage will run through the Vaucluse Raceway – before the Dinner Halt shortly after 5.00pm. As night falls, Car Zero will leave at 6.00pm to head for the first of three runs through the event’s longest stage (5.20km, from Todds to Bowmanston), which alternates with Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle, where the last uphill run is scheduled for 9.25pm. The Prizegiving and after party will follow at the Vaucluse Raceway.
  Entries are already open at Motorsport Services in Haggatt Hall and will close at 1.30pm next Wednesday (August 24); the Briefing Meeting will be held at 6.30pm on Thursday (August 25) at the Vaucluse Raceway Clubhouse, St Thomas, where the running order will be posted and competition numbers distributed.
BRC Summer Nights Rally – August 27
Special Stage Schedule - Times indicate Zero Car due
1415: SS1 – Spring Vale to Dark Hole 1 (4.00km)
1440: SS2 – Lion Castle to Hangmans Hill 1 (4.10km)
1505: SS3 – Spring Vale to Dark Hole 2 (4.00km)
1550: SS4 – Lion Castle to Hangmans Hill 2 (4.10km)
1615: SS5 – Spring Vale to Dark Hole 3 (4.00km)
1640: SS6 – Lion Castle to Hangmans Hill 3 (4.10km)
Dinner Halt & Regroup – Hopewell Plantation
1825: SS7 – Todds to Bowmanston 1 (5.20km)
1855: SS8 – Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle 1 (4.10km)
1930: SS9 – Todds to Bowmanston 2 (5.20km)
2020: SS10 – Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle 2 (4.10km)
2055: SS11 – Todds to Bowmanston 3 (5.20km)
2125: SS12 – Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle 3 (4.10km)
Total stage distance - 52.20km
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