With just over 290,000 inhabitants, Barbados punches well above its weight in the world. As a people, Bajans (Barbadians) are friendly, laidback and have an opinion on most things, especially cricket! Education is big in Barbados with much of it free, including textbooks and uniforms. Bajans place a high emphasis on learning, and although some of the schools may not look like impressive buildings, the results achieved are normally at higher level. There is plenty of choice on the island with both private and government schools. The 11-plus exams are still a big factor here, and for those who are not familiar with this exam it basically decides where your child is going to school. In Barbados, it’s all about grades with some very bright children in the best schools.
Of course, this only applies to the Government schools. You can choose to opt out, and register your child in a private school. However, it comes at a cost. Bajans are also very religious people. You will see churches dotted around the island in every
little village. Every parish has an Anglican Church and one of note is St John’s Parish Church. It is the oldest Church on the island dating back to the 1700s, although the present building dates from 1836, as former buildings have been destroyed or damaged by hurricanes. Tourists flock to see St John’s Church, and the opportunity to explore the graveyards. Note that Ferdinando Paleologus (the last descendant of the second brother of Constantine – the last Christian Emperor of Constantinople) is buried in a tomb at the rear of the Church’s cemetery. With history and Church combine then that alone is worth a visit.