Sporty, the innovative sport tech app, has partnered with the Professional Road Tennis Association (PRTA), the leading Road Tennis organization in the world based in Barbados, to support the growth and development of the game of road tennis in Barbados and beyond. 


Sporty and  Professional Road Tennis Association (PRTA), share a common vision of:

- promoting this lively alternative to lawn tennis that is a vital part of Barbados street culture, diversity, creativity

- and empowering the communities through sport. 


As part of this partnership, Sporty will provide exclusive contents featuring the best Players and road tennis stories, as well as sponsor various road tennis tournaments, coaching clinics, exhibition matches and events. Sporty will also collaborate with PRTA to create opportunities for young and aspiring road tennis players to showcase their talents and learn from the best in the game.


This partnership will bring more awareness and appreciation for road tennis, as well as enrich the lives of millions of Sporty users and PRTA members with the sounds and spirit of Barbados.