This year, the 50th year of independence,  Barbados has the honour of hosting an international 7s tournament which will attract interest from the region and internationally.  There will be Rugby enthusiasts, supporters, players, teams and media coming to the event. This international 7s tournament is to rugby, what the 20/20 cricket series is to Test Cricket, it is quick paced and exciting to watch and teams are expected from Europe, Latin America, the South Pacific, Africa, the wider Caribbean and Barbados.
The Barbados Women's National Rugby Team has started training in January on Browns Beach with the loyal few and has progressed to the field with new players who have recently joined.  The women are currently training on Thursday nights at the Garrison Savannah working on their fitness, agility and rugby skills with one of the local rugby teams to sharpen their skills, match fitness and stamina and, on Saturday mornings on the track at the National Stadium; other local venues are being looked at to further enhance the training.  The training is designed in two separate sessions so anyone can come along, the first part is totally concerned with fitness and everyone, male and female, can come along and get fit for free, in the open air, it starts at 7pm and finishes at 8pm and the second half of training concentrates on Rugby skills.
The ladies are devoted and determined to their endeavours and so far have produced very good results, they are now embarking on training with the men's team for that little extra they will need to do their best. The fitness and team work have both improved since doing so.  They are not daunted with the task at hand and are working hard towards winning the tournament.  They are know as ‘The Pride of Barbados’ and  thus far they can be very proud of the effort and sustained commitment they have shown. It is still  a long way to go but they will get there.
The ladies invite you, everyone, to come to the training on Thursdays, 7pm at the Garrison Savannah .. See you the there!! Come and support your team!