Sporting Barbados caught up with prominent player Haydn Lewis to get a run down on the Tennis scene on the island. Tennis is widely played competitively and for leisure and most hotels have courts. 
Hayden, tell us a bit about your background in tennis in Barbados! 
Tennis has always been a part of my life. I started at a very young age and by 12 years old I was traveling to compete throughout the Caribbean and in Florida. As I became older the amount of travel and competition increased and by 17 I was the #1 ranked male tennis player in Barbados. 
I’ve traveled the world competing on the professional circuit and representing Barbados in the Davis Cup and other competitions such as the Pan American Games and the Commonwealth Games. 
How strong is the game of tennis on the island? 
I would say tennis in Barbados is strong regionally. We are definitely one of the top if not the top island in the Caribbean region for tennis. We currently have players who are overseas in the States with university scholarships Kaipo Marshall, Steven Slocombe and Hannah Chambers. . As well as some up and coming players who are starting out on the professional circuit Xavier Lawrence and Mathew Foster-Estwick. So watch out for this young talent. 
Are there competitions that overseas competitors can come to? If so what are they? 
Yes, we currently have two international junior tournaments, one in April. I would love to see some men’s and women’s professional tournaments on our yearly calendar. Some years we host the Davis Cup here but that is not a set fixture on our calendar. 
Anything planned for 2023? 
Oh yes for sure. Representing Barbados is a huge passion and honor for me. We have Davis Cup in February 2023 which will be held in Barbados. Also for 2023 there is the Pan American Games in Chile and I will be looking to travel to Germany in the summer to play in there Summer pro league. So 2023 is looking to be a busy year and for me the preparations have started from now. 
Haydn is Based at Rockley Golf Club where is is often seen coaching. He can be reached at +1-246-251-6851 or 
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