“Sustainability is something that we take very seriously.” This affirmation comes from the Project Manager at the Apes Hill Golf Resort and Community, Donovan Bagwell, as he describes the major undertaking of redesigning the 18-hole Championship golf course. Apes Hill Barbados is not

Ann Thylen moved to Barbados 10 years ago...Joining Rockley Golf Club was the best thing she did! 
What brought you to Barbados and Rockley Golf Club? 
Oh, this will be a long answer... 
About 10 years ago my husband and I retired and decided to move to beautiful Barbados. 
It was a dream

Many people believe Sandy Lane Golf Resort is the jewel in Caribbean golf and with good reason. It has three golf courses in pristine condition overlooking the west coast of Barbados, and has been the iconic haven of the rich and famous for many years. Sandy Lane Hotel has often been quoted as the most prestigious destination in the world for

The future of Equestrian Sports in Barbados is looking very bright if the 2022 performances of the Children’s Dressage Team and the youthful Regional Jumping Team are proof ofthings to come. These two winning teams had no rider older than sixteen and although the Regional Jumping Challenge is open to competitors of all ages, three young riders